Roentgenotherapy systems Xstrahl Ltd
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Roentgenotherapy systems Xstrahl Ltd

The British company Xstrahl Ltd is the leading world manufacturer of roentgenotherapy systems and the company products have been in the market for more than 15 years. During these years Xstrahl units were installed in more than 500 clinics all over the world.

The superficial X-ray therapy units

Xstrahl 100 and Xstrahl 150 are Xstrahl model units purposed for superficial X-ray therapy. Such type of treatment provides an alternative to surgical removal of the affected area of skin, which is especially important for sensitive sites of face and neck.

Due to ergonomic and mobile design Xstrahl 100 can reach a high accuracy of the irradiator positioning, which offers the maximal comfort to the patient. Due to the advanced power range Xstrahl 150 is suitable for treatment of a deeper affected skin with a high clinical efficiency and perfect cosmetic results being achieved.

Ortho-volt X-ray therapy units

Xstrahl 200 and Xstrahl 300 are the units for deep roentgenotherapy.

Xstrahl 200 is a more general model than the previous ones. It perfectly suits for skin cancer therapy, palliative therapy of deeper tumor sites, as well as for non-oncologic therapy.

Xstrahl 300 is the most powerful of all Xstrahl models. It is specially purposed for ortho-volt X-ray therapy and has been many times tested in the clinics for osseal metastasis palliative therapy and other deep tumor sites.