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IBA Dosimetry – dosimetry systems for radiation therapy

The German company IBA Dosimetry has been producing dosimetry equipment of a high-level quality for users all over the world for more than 30 years already. Obtaining a long-term experience in the field of clinical dosimetry, IBA Dosimetry offers a range of equipment capable to solve all tasks which medical physics are facing now.

Relative dosimetry

Dose field analyzer Blue Phantom2 used for relative dosimetry integrates the results of several decades’ research and huge experience in water phantoms design. Blue Phantom2 is a three-dimensional water phantom providing measurements maximal efficiency and accuracy.

Absolute dosimetry

Dose-1 is a high-efficiency electrometer which along with ionization chambers or semi-conductor detectors is used for measurement of the absolute dose in gamma-ray beams, X-ray beams, high-energy photon beams, electron, proton and heavy ion beams. The unit combines a perfect quality and a wide dynamic range resolution.

In-vivo dosimetry systems

Multi-channel dosimeters DPD-3 and DPD-12 are purposed for accurate direct measurement of entrance dose and beam exit dose received by the patient during external-beam radiotherapy, or for dose monitoring in the organ at risk during brachytherapy.

Equipment to ensure radiotherapy quality guarantee

Detector and ionization matrix for IMRT and VMAT radiotherapy techniques verification, energetic stability monitoring plates, water equivalent phantom and specially configured software make a highly accurate system of irradiation quality guarantee control required for dose verification in any radiological department.