ElektaSynergy — linear accelerator which “sees” what is being irradiated
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ElektaSynergy — linear accelerator which “sees” what is being irradiated

The medical radiation therapy system ElektaSynergy is a multi-functional intensity modulated radiation therapy accelerator with the extended visual control.

The integrated system of X-ray volume rendering helps doctors to take advantage of the method with no need for implants or radiopaque markers. High accuracy and great clinical results are achieved due to a common isocentre with the accelerator belonging to all integrated modules.

Possibility to use active breath sensor provides maximal accurate target positioning, which greatly improves the radiation therapy efficiency.

The important peculiarity of Elekta Synergy system is possibility of upgrading up to more complex configurations with regard to the accumulated experience and knowledge, as well as transfer from a conformal radiotherapy to a stereotactic radiation therapy and radiosurgery. This characteristic property extends a range of techniques which can be performed in the medical treatment facility when using only one apparatus.