Equipment manufacturers

MSM‐MEDIMPEX partners are the leading world manufacturers of the radiation therapy and diagnostic equipment.
Elekta (Sweden, Great Britain) is the leading world corporation in high-technology medical facilities development and manufacture, as well as information systems for radiation therapy and stereotactic radiosurgery. Elekta company was founded in 1972 by Lars Leksell, the Carolina institute neurosurgery professor (Stockholm, Sweden). Today Elekta company technologies are used in more than 5000 medical institutions all over the world.
Xstrahl (Great Britain), founded in 1995, is one of the leading world companies in the roentgenotherapy equipment market. In 2002 the company opened the representative office in the USA where designing of the research systems is the priority field of activity. The company apparatus are used for the patients with surface lesion treatment using X-ray therapy. The field of application includes dermatology, cosmetology and ophthalmology.
Iba Dosimetry (Germany) has been specializing in the clinical dosimetry equipment design and manufacture for more than 30 years. Obtaining a many-years experience in the field of the clinical dosimetry, the company offers its customers a range of equipment capable to solve all tasks which medical physicists and clinical dose monitoring technicians of the radiation therapy departments are facing. Innovation, high quality of the developed technologies and reliable relationship with the partners are the company key values.
CIVCO Medical Solutions (USA), founded in 1981, produces solutions and accessories for radiation therapy used for the patient fixation in the course of diagnostics and therapy to ensure the patient positioning reproduction from procedure to procedure to eliminate the patient random motions. Thanks to innovation ideas and high quality of the offered products, the company has obtained the reputation of the world acknowledged leader in the fixation accessories for patients immobilization manufacture.
Comecer (Italy), founded in mid 1970, is today the world leader in the field of protection and radiochemical technologies in the radiation medicine, as well as manufacture of the equipment for the atomic power stations. The company produces protection systems of special purpose for large industrial groups, research institutions, hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies. Today the company products are used in more than 100 countries all over the world.